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Estate Planning Law Firm In Denver, ColoradoCreating Lasting Estate Plans For Residents Of Denver, CO, And Beyond

Leonard Parker, CPA P.C. has the skills necessary to help construct a viable estate plan for people of all backgrounds.

Are you thinking about what’s next for your assets and property? If so, establishing an estate plan is likely the best way to ensure that your possessions are distributed according to your wishes. With the oversight of a legal professional, you will have access to the resources necessary to preserve your legacy for generations to come.

What Is An Estate Plan?

An estate plan involves anticipating and arranging the management and allocation of a person’s estate during their life. This is done in preparation for their death or incapacitation.

Estate planning involves naming the people or organizations one wants to receive their assets and property and taking the legal steps necessary to ensure the distribution is done smoothly and according to their wishes.

An estate plan may involve the following:

  • Instructions for financial affairs and care if one becomes incapacitated prior to death.
  • Directions on how to transfer one’s business following their incapacity or death.
  • Naming a guardian for one’s minor children’s care and inheritance.
  • Naming beneficiaries and creating a plan for the distribution of one’s assets and property.
  • And more…

Understanding the intricacies of estate planning will prepare you for establishing one of your own. With the guidance and advice that an attorney can provide, you can be sure that your estate plan will be the best it can possibly be.

How An Estate Planning Attorney Can Fulfill Your Needs

The goal of an attorney is to minimize taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees associated with the transferring of an estate. This can be achieved by funding assets into a living trust, updating or completing beneficiary designations, and aligning your assets with your overall estate plan.

From guiding you through your available options to filling out the necessary paperwork, an attorney will play an integral role in the success and sustainability of your estate plan.

estate planning attorney Estate Planning Services That Leonard Parker Provides

Leonard Parker is qualified to help his clients with a vast array of estate planning needs. His multi-faceted approach to law and estate planning will enable you to choose the plan of action that best suits your needs.

This firm is prepared to assist with:

  • Wills: As the most popular form of estate planning, a Will allows you to provide your end-of-life instructions – such as the designation of beneficiaries. However, a Will must go through probate court before your estate can be distributed to your intended beneficiaries.
  • Living Trusts: Living Trusts accomplish the same things that Wills do, but they have the potential of avoiding the probate process. You are also able to alter a Trust while you are alive, and designate a Trustee to oversee your affairs following death.

Family Estate Planning Services In Denver

An estate planning law firm that puts clients first.

If you are seeking an attorney that will personally guide you through the estate planning process, look no further than Leonard Parker. With years of experience in his field, he will be able to guide you through the intricacies of estate planning with confidence and clarity.

To get started with a consultation with Leonard Parker, CPA P.C., please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an initial consultation!

Leonard Parker, CPA P.C.

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